Key Benefits

  • A Comprehensive Healthcare Market Place
  • Maintain & Access your own EMR Anytime Anywhere
  • Scheduling Appointments with Physicians / Labs
  • Go Green by sharing e-reports
  • Take advantage and purchase advertised products

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About Lifeeazy

Lifeeazy is a comprehensive Healthcare platform for care providers and care users; enabling easy healthcare for the care users. No more phone calls and no more month-long waits but better access to care.

Trying to find a neighborhood physician, pharmacy, lab who meets your needs? With Lifeeazy, it’s as easy as it should be. You can also make informed choices with verified reviews, stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders, and more.
Lifeeazy eliminates the gap between patients and doctors / pharmacies / laboratories. It gives users the flexibility to book their appointment with the desired / neighborhood doctor, order Medicines, order Lab test(s) at best prices.

Key Takeaways of Lifeeazy

  • Care users can obtain information of doctors, pharmacies & laboratories in their area
  • Reviews about doctors, pharmacies & laboratories help care users finding right option for their requirements
  • Ease of reaching doctor’s, pharmacies or laboratories enabled by online maps
  • Scheduling appointments / placing orders made easy
  • Care providers can manage appointment anywhere, anytime
  • Enhancing the reach of care providers
  • Widening the choice to care users
We use the most cutting-edge technologies to develop Lifeeazy for care users. Our solutions have some high-end features like:


  • User privacy
  • Know more about your care provider
  • View history of past transactions
  • Find a doctor/lab/pharmacies/paramedics according to specialty, name and location
  • Book an appointment as per your convenience
  • Manage your appointment


  • Create / Manager your own profile page
  • Maintain or publish their schedule in advance
  • Reduce patient dissent with the ease of managing appointments
  • No more route guiding the patients as Maps display your clinic’s location
  • Subscribe thru use and pay model


  • Create & manage your own profile page
  • Highlight Offers, Discounts
  • Manage your store hours – become proactive and reduce patient dissent
  • Order Management
  • No more route guiding the patients as Maps display your store’s location
  • Subscribe thru pay and use model


  • Create and manage your own profile page
  • Advertising space for Highlighting Offers, Discounts
  • Go Green by sharing reports online with the patients
  • Manage your lab hours based on the need
  • Efficiently manage your Order
  • No more route guiding the patients as Maps display your store’s location
  • Subscribe thru pay and use model

NRI Services
Aging parents are becoming concern for many fast upward moving professionals for both who are living in India and abroad.
Elders acutely require assistance and support during temporary setbacks to health like acute health condition or surgical interventions. During this time it becomes more than necessary for the immediate family members, relatives or friends to step in and extend the required help. But unfortunately this help may not be extended till the patient recovers completely.
This is where Lifeeazy can extend the much needed trusted support. Our care plans ensures a constant monitoring of the patient and keep the near & dear ones updated about the patient in all forms including updating the portal with the latest progress notes and reports. This will enable the near and dear ones to seek alternate opinion.
Our care plans are put into practice by highly qualified Doctor’s and paramedic staff.
Our care plans also ensures regular visit by the Doctor’s, Nurse and other para medic staff. This pro-active reach by us helps in early diagnosis of any disorders ensuring a proper and timely medical intervention.

Student Health Management
Children are considered as the future of the country. will play its role to ensure that these children are indeed the ‘Healthy’ children of the country.
Lifeeazy facilitates the educational institutions in mandating its students to registering into this portal.
Students by registering will be exposed to a wide gambit of facilities including capturing their vitals, updating their personal medical records, pull out statistical reports etc.
Educational Institutions will be provided single user access to the portal. This will enable them to comply with the guidelines on students’ healthcare, various analytical reports on students’ health.